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Other methods of purchasing access to Au Pair Search.

AupairSearch Cost

The cost of AupairSearch is $49.00. This will allow you to search the database, as many times as you wish, for a period of 3 Months.
World Wide Web Credit Card Interface   
AupairSearch accepts payment online via Visa & MasterCard. To purchase software or services, direct your browser to the URL specified in the software registration instructions. If your browser supports SSL, we recommend that you use the secure version of the order form.
Secure Order Form
ssl_secure.gif (985 bytes) <------------------- Click Here
You may send your credit card order to AupairSearch using traditional e-mail. However, since all of your information is sent in the clear and easily intercepted, we recommend that you email us 3 seperate messages, one with half your credit card number, another with the other half and the final message with your expiry date of the credit card.  All orders sent to AupairSearch via e-mail must include your login & name. All orders sent via e-mail should be sent to support@aupair.co.za.
Traditional Payment Methods
Fax Ordering


You may fax your completed order form to AupairSearch +27 11 464 2973. Please allow 1 business day to process. Click Here to print an order form
Postal Ordering (Credit Card and Bankers Cheques Only) Orders sent via postal delivery should be sent to our P.O. Box. Please include the complete the credit card details on the form . Do not send cash. Click Here to print an order form

P.O. Box 1332
Gallo Manor
South Africa


** Will be translated into your selected language soon