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[2]Useful information and documentation for au pairs and families[2]

Pocket Money paid to Au-Pairs
Typical Pocket Money Offered
The minimum pocket money is controlled by certain countries. This is
intended as a guide only and will vary depending on hours, duties,
responsibility, experience of the au-pair, number of children and
amount of sole charge expected.
country maximum hours worked average amount
United States 45 per week $139.05 per week plus extra for babysitting
United Kingdom 25 per week (Aupair) 40 UKP per week
  35 per week (AuPair Plus) 50 UKP per week
  40 - 60 per week (Mothers Help) 80 - 200 UKP per week
Germany 35- 45  per week DM 400 - 500 per month
Netherlands 35 - 45 per week 500 - 550 Guilders per month
Belgium 25 - 35 per week depending on region BEF 10,000 - 12,000 per month
Other Countries 25 - 45 per week US$300  - $500 per month




** Will be translated into your selected language soon